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Dear Class of 2022,

I hope this update finds you safe and well, and getting excited for PA school. We will be holding a Zoom meeting with the class this week to keep you informed of the dynamic and rapidly changing times here at QU. I know that many of you have questions, some I can answer others are still dependent on how the Coronavirus pandemic plays out. I can share with you that as of now the beginning part of the first summer curriculum will be delivered online. There are challenges in this and the faculty are hard at work to figure out the many nuances of accomplishing that. There are actually 3 time periods for Summer 1 semester at QU, there are a 5, 7 and 12 week time periods, your summer 1 is the 12 week. It is our hope that we are going to be able to be on campus end of June beginning of July. Which means we are front loading the didactic materials and back loading the labs and experientials. I have spoken with Prof. Colomb-Lippa who will be teaching your anatomy, and we have a virtual reality software that she is going to use during the beginning part. We are very hopeful that we will be in the anatomy donor lab later in the semester. We are also making contingencies in the event we are not on campus. We will continue to be transparent about this with you as we get more information and decisions are made by university administration.

Now is a great time to get your technology ready, we are using Zoom and other technology a lot. Make certain that your internet can handle all of the devices, and is secured. You can download the Zoom application now. Once you have started we are going to have academic technology work with you to set up the university’s Zoom license as well as give an overview of Blackboard, Zoom and the other technologies we will be using.

I know many have been asking about housing and moving, while we are going to be holding synchronous classes online. Once we have the clearance to return to campus we will be doing it quickly, and you will need to be prepared to come to classes and labs on campus. These are going to be challenging times and we need to move quickly to be certain you are able to meet the program’s expectations and student learning outcomes.

As I stated, the classes will be synchronous, this means that they will be scheduled lectures at the regular times they would normally be, and we are expecting all to attend. If there are extenuating circumstances please let us know and we will see what we can do to accommodate. There will be some small group classes where the measures of competency and progression are measured with participation and active engagement in the course, for those it is extremely vital that you are present.

We have been asked about continued employment. Please do not anticipate continued employment when you enter PA school. Our work policy is on the website, and we will be adhering to the policy. If you are considering any outside work during the enrollment periods, you must have permission from the Program Director. Missing class because you are working is not acceptable. You should be approaching this semester as if we are in class on campus. Prior to school, and during breaks you are free to work, just don’t do anything that would inhibit your ability to return to classes and clinical rotations.

These are trying times and we are making the necessary adjustments to be certain you are still getting an excellent education to be quality PAs. For those who are a little apprehensive about the online classes, talk with your mentors, they have all made great adjustments and are doing well. You are also welcome to reach out to myself or the admissions chairs (Professor Piperidis and Professor Bowker) if you have any concerns or questions. We will be checking in with all of you via Zoom later this week, please watch for a meeting request from Prof. Piperidis. Feel free to use that time to ask any questions. Even with all of the craziness we are all very much looking forward to meeting you and having you join the QU PA family.

Stay safe and be well,

Dr. Brown

Dennis Brown, DrPH, MPH, PA-C

Department Chair & Program Director

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